Where can I stay on Grand Isle?

Airbnb has some great options, and extra rooms at Bridgeside Marina 

are released 1 week prior to event. 

What time are the events?

The events span 2 days. Click here for detailed info

Which events are open to the public?

Fishing, Saturday's shooting, Chef's dinner & auction, Celebrity Meet & Greet, and the concert. 

Which events are corporate only? 

Corporate shooting on Friday

Guided fishing with Celebrities in boat

Where should I eat in between events?

There are a quite a few different restaurants and bars on the island. Here's a few we recommend -

Bridgeside Marina 

Lighthouse Restaurant


There is also a Sureway Supermarket on LA-1 on the island to stock up on what you need for the weekend.

How far is Grand Isle from New Orleans? 2 hours

If I am coming for the Friday and Saturday events, what should I expect when I get there? If you are coming as a corporate sponsor on Friday, you will receive your welcome packet when you come to Wakeside Marina at 5pm for the cocktail hour, dinner and auction. In that packet will be all the information you need for the weekend! If you are coming as a guest to the auction and dinner, we will still see you at the Wakeside Marina at 5pm!  

How do I check in when I get there? You will be able to check in at each event when you get there. For more info about the schedule of events, click here.

I am an individual and want to sponsor a boat. How do I do that? You do not have to have a business to sponsor a boat! You can absolutely sponsor a boat on your own for your team of 3 with a celebrity and guide. Click here for more info on our sponsorship options.

Are there boats available to rent if I am not on a sponsored boat? No, sorry. We don't have any boats to rent out to the public. 

When can we meet the celebrities? Friday night auction, being on a sponsored boat (you get to fish with a celebrity on your boat), and the Saturday meet & greet at Wakeside Marina. 

Is there a list of celebrities that will be coming this year? There will be a list that will be coming this year! Once we have it nailed down we will be sending it out on our newsletter. Sign up to get that and more info about the event. 

How do I buy a ticket to any of the events? Here is a link to get your ticket for any of the events happening during the weekend. You choose which events you'd like to go to and purchase that ticket. You are able to purchase tickets for more than 1 event.

Whats included in a corporate sponsorship?

3 levels of our sponsorship that give you different benefits. For more details, click here.

Where are my donations going?

We have benefited a variety of military non-profits over the years. This year we are donating a majority of our proceeds to Special Operations Warrior Foundation. You can read more about this organization HERE.

I can’t come but I want to support this foundation. How do I do that? First of all, thank you for your generosity. As much as we would love every person who wants to support us join us at the event, we know it is not always possible. We have a special donations page for anyone wanting to offer their support from afar. You can check that out HERE.