Black & Gold Classic

With Grand Isle, LA as our backdrop, this is our original event, featuring a public & sponsored fishing derby, clay pigeon skeet shooting where you get to choose your own target gun from our Benelli trailer, an incredible chef's dinner by top New Orleans chefs, live auction, celebrity meet and greet, and ending the way that all good Louisiana parties do, with a ton of live music at our annual concert. 

                                                                                May 17-18th Grand Isle, LA

Black & Gold Classic 2018

Black & Gold Classic


Grand Isle, Louisiana

May 17-18, 2019

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Black & Gold Northwest

Our event in Portland, Or features some of the best salmon fishing in the world in a city full of people who love the outdoors. It's also Stan Brock's home town, so the heart runs deep here. This event features an even bigger fishing derby, followed by an amazing Chef's dinner, huge military presence and live auction in a beautiful area just outside of the city on Sauvie's Island. 

Black & Gold Northwest 2017

Black & Gold Northwest


Portland, Oregon

September dates coming soon! 

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